Why do you need a plastic bag for your bin?

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Over 1kg per day is what each person generates on average per day. In addition we lined the containers with one more piece of plastic.

Organic garbage, which could be composted, is bound to rot in landfills. The people who work in the trims of recyclable waste separate in the paper trash every bit of plastic we put there. Does lack of common empathy prevent us from doing differently? What if there is a alternative?

Each person consumes an average of 800 plastic bags per year. If it were a single piece of plastic, it would cover all of Portugal.

Plastic is made of petroleum, so it contributes to global warming and it takes hundreds of years to decompose in nature and, discarded wrongly, will clog sewers and sewer pipes causing floods and getting washed into the sea, there it will enter in our food chain in the format of micro-plastics we consume through fishes.

A good tip is to collect the small rubbish of the house in newspaper bags. You take the opportunity to recycle the old newspaper and still reduce the use of plastic.

Here's how:

Are you too lazy for this? There are some companies that alredy do it for you. You can contact Sumus, it is a 100% recyclable paper and very resistent.

Do you wanna try it?

Author: Camila Lucena

Civil Engineer

Permaculture Designer

Social & Environmental Activist

Yoga teacher for kids

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