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Updated: Jul 10, 2020

What does it have to do the Zero Waste concept of Reuse with Nonviolent Communication (NVC)?

That's how our first event of the year started in Portugal! Having Hugo Nóbrega as facilitator, Erica Liberato, Camila Lucena and Beatriz Machado, members of the Lixo Zero Youth Team as hosts. Introduction to the theme and preparation of the coffee break table with items collected from Dumpster Diving.

Why to link reuse with NVC?

A priori when we talk about REUSE, we can imagine that this only concerns physical aspects of our daily lives. However, it is interesting to stop and think that language and communication are one of the structural bases of human life.

Our proposal was to be able to share a tool that collaborates in reusing and reframing the way we communicate, connect and build our relationships.

We believe that delivering a non-violent communication (NVC) experience can be one of the fundamental tools in the reuse of language so that we can take advantage of all our resources in building relationships and a world with more compassion, connection and empathy.

But, anyway, what is this NVC experience all about?

Nonviolent communication allows for a new meaning in the way we look at people and ourselves, in communicating with those around us, with ourselves. It helps us to understand situations differently, in a more humane, empathetic and compassionate way.

Those who experience NVC generally experience relationships with more connection and engagement, caring for others and themselves.

It is not a new communication, with new words, nor is it a way of speaking softly or quietly. Especially because we can communicate in a polite, calm and contained way, and this communication is full of irony and cynicism.

For example:

Usually when we hear a message we don't like we have 4 ways to answer:

- We can react by blaming the other person

- Blaming ourselves

- Connecting with our feelings and needs

- Listening to the other person's feelings and needs

At last, there's the NVC's path of action, helping us to deconstruct a logic of relationship where there are victims vs. villains and we come to understand that behind what was said and done there are humans trying to take care of their needs and feelings.

Our language is decisive for building bridges or walls in our daily relationships and NVC helps us deeply in this construction. Thus, throughout this experience Hugo Nóbrega shared in a theoretical and practical way the Bases and Principles of NVC and it was incredible!

This event was part of a sequence of actions, related to the Global Action Calendar, that Juventude Lixo Zero is developing. We know that in order to build a more conscious and sustainable society we need dedication to multiple spheres: actions and campaigns on a diversity of interconnected themes, where one theme strengthens the other.

The Global Action Calendar is a project developed collectively by the Zero Waste Youth and participants of the WE ARE Global Meeting, which took place in October 2019, in Cascais-PT.

Therefore, each month of the annual calendar has proposed a theme, by which the movement and participants of the event have committed themselves to putting into action the plan and ideas co-created in WE ARE.

 In February, the theme is REUSE, an invitation to slow down the consumer machine, to be grateful for what we have and to see all the different ways of using your things. Asking yourself what else can be done before going to waste, if this is really a waste or can it replace my need for something else? Using creativity and critical thinking we will find solutions to this issue.

We invite you to this challenge: Show us how you reframe things that are already losing their value!

Author: Camila Lucena

Civil Engineer

Permaculture Designer

Social & Environmental Activist

Yoga Teacher 4 Kids