WE ARE Floripa - Special edition Green Thinking and Zero Waste Youth

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Zero Waste Youth together with the Green Thinking project edited We Are in Florianópolis. Come check it out!

On January 30rd, in 2020, our team from Juventude Lixo Zero Brasil, in partnership with the Greenthinking Project and the company Meu Copo Eco came together to start the year provoking an internal reflection and awakening actions in favor of sustainability and in order to materialize the collective dream of making Florianópolis a Zero Waste city.

To address this issue, first, we invited a diversity of experts, and big names of sustainability in Florianópolis, as well as the presence of people from different areas and atmospheres of society, which is considered essential to the construction of this new reality. We know that to be a zero waste capital, we need governmental, public, educational, private and citizen efforts.

Therefore, we count on the presence of the councilors Marquito do Psol and Pedrão do PL, representatives of the public sector's view, Manuela Angelim and xxxx, sharing the private sector's view and their role within this scenario. Professor Fabiana from Escola EEB Aldo Câmara da Silva , the first Zero Waste school in the capital. We also count on the participation of Ney, better known as Neyciclagem, the artist who created the Museum of Garbage, and spreads his joy by giving a new meaning to what was once considered trash turning into art. With that, we were able to approach and share different views and the co-responsibility that exists if we want to change the complexity of this system.

In addition, one of the main proposals of this event was to develop an action plan for making this dream come true together. Therefore, we apply the “WE ARE” methodology.

For those who do not know, in 2019, we created a global action calendar, each month addressing a different theme in which we want to, and expand awareness.

In January, we call #wearejanuary, in order to reflect about the unity that we all are, and rethink your individual desires into “what do I really want to build and contribute to society throughout this year that begins?”

So, by itself, it was already contemplated one of the main objectives of this month, the event “WE ARE FLORIPA” was part of the “hands on” process, by applying the themes of the calendar in addition to virtual actions. The idea is to collectively build an action plan, so in the “WE ARE” methodology we divide the people into 12 different groups. In this case, because January was almost over, we divided into 11 groups each group being guided by a mentor who has mastery of the topic and in the working groups had to answer the following 3 questions: “How is this theme of your month contributing to the dream of making Florianópolis zero waste? ” (This is the moment of reflection of the theme’s relevance); What actions can be developed to raise awareness and change this reality according to this topic? ”(Moment of brainstorming and co-creation); “And what do we need for these ideas and actions to be done?” (Moment of planning and division of responsibilities);

From these 3 stages, several ideas, actions and discussions were shared and strategically placed on the agenda. About 60 people participated in the event, and from this large group we created the group “WE ARE FLORIPA”, composed by several people, from different scenarios and initiatives, who share a great passion in common the love and care for nature! The WE ARE methodology gives the community voice, and embraces new ideas. We strongly believe in the potential of each one, we also aim to inspire and empower all participants by encouraging collective responsibility and showing the great changemakers that we can be together.

So, we are very happy to share with you the “WE ARE FLORIPA” action calendar created in this event!

Many incredible ideas have emerged, but due to the current situation we face, we have the challenge of reframing them and enabling the expansion of consciousness, mainly, in a virtual way.

However, we know that change begins, first of all, within us, within our homes and in our daily lives. Therefore, we will together make this pause a great act of love for mother earth, and now develop the habits that once we didn’t due to the “lack of time”.

The time is now, are you with us?


Author: Isadora Bertoli


Social & Environmental Activist

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