Some tips for a zero waste lifestyle!

We would like to help you on that! You can find below links that will connect you to practical material regarding the Zero Waste life style.

In the following link you can find several toolkits available by Plastic Pollution Coalition:



Over here you can find the impacts of Plastic Pollution to your health: 


and on the planet:


If you have been doing beach/city/neighbourhood clean ups this link will help you call to the light the companies behind the rubbish you find.

In case you are a student in University (or even school) that wants to make a positive change for the environment you could use PLAN's manual to a plastic free campus to guide you through it:

We have our own material as well to guide you to build the Zero Waste Movement in your town or give you ideas on how to act to raise awareness and engage the society, check it our!

Zero Waste Youth Collective

Zero Waste Youth Activism

We have some tips for you as well! Check them out!

Reduce consumption, maybe to inspire you seek for minimalism and their ideas!

Before buying stuff because you desire it, is cheap or you think you might need it someday,

try to rethink if you have something similar already, if you actually need that, take a minute

to actually think thoroughly this decision.    


Learn how to separate your waste and how your town waste system works, recycle , reuse , compost  and rethink what is actually waste and what could be useful to you or your friends.

In case you never heard about composting take a look at our post and here is a quick video to help you out.


Save water, don't use toxic products for laundry, dish washing, shower etc...

it all goes to our water systems. Never discard oil in your sink or toilet (seriously).

Don't make all your life planning while showering.


Don't use your car as much, go by bike, public transport or share the ride.


Talk about the subject to your friends, family, neighbours.


Buy local, organic, responsible, plastic-free, cruelty-free, second hand products. It is better for your health and helps the small business that try so hard to thrive in a fast and unconscious economy.

Here is a link to help you find cruelty free brands.

Here is a link to Portuguese stores that sells plastic free item (look for one where you live): 


Have reusables with you, like a bag, bottle, straw, cutlery, be ready!


Change your diet, reduce meat and dairy products, get your food from local farmers market.


Travel less by plane.


    Vote for it! Engage with local movements! Take             your stand!


See some ideas on our youtube channel!

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It is better to have thousands of people being imperfectly zero waste than just a few doing it perfectly!