Who are we?

The Zero Waste Youth Movement is acting since 2011 in the dissemination of the Zero Waste Concept as a tool to reach the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs). It is a network of young people currently from 7 different countries: Brazil, Costa Rica, Italy, Moçambique, Nepal, Portugal, Philippines and the USA.

We develop, apply and promote sustainable models and practices, our work target is the redefinition of the concept of “waste”considering that, in fact, what we call “trash” are actually resources.


We seek to develop individual responsibility for the waste generation and management. We also organize Zero Waste events all over the world and seek strategic partnerships with governments, companies, groups and the society to enhance waste management infrastructure and raise awareness about the subject.

"The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones that do it"

Our Mission

To build awareness, gather and empower youth and communities to seek - and to be - the solution for a world without waste.


Our Vision

Being the global youth reference in the dissemination and implementation of the Zero Waste concept as a tool to reach the SDG. We aim to form ambassadors in all continents and to have a representative presence in more than 20 countries by 2025.

We dream about a more connected world, not only among people but it's whole environment, where the consciousness of our interdependence make us protect and respect nature.

A world where every person will acknowledge its responsibility regarding its consumption and disposal so there won't be any loose ends.

Our Goals

Disseminate and apply the zero waste concept.


Raise awareness about individual responsibility of waste management.


Provide means and tools for the youth to become changemakers


Foster the development of zero waste solutions.


Be an active voice over decisions concerning waste management and methodologies to reach the SDGs.

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